Genderprok merrie
Birth Date2014


This Jara-H is a real dressage talent and she is the result of the successful combination Johnson x Ferro, which we also find in the pedigree of for example the Grand Prix horse Ben Johnson of Marlies van Baalen. Sire Johnson has already belonged to the world top for many years with Hans-Peter Minderhoud, with whom he participated in several prominent championships. In breeding, this preferent progenitor is making a mark due to sublime offspring as Boston STH, Bretton Woods, Meggle’s Boston and Double Dutch. Dam Showtime S has produced third level dressage horses in both direct and indirect way and brings in the valuable genes of the Olympic breeding stallion Ferro, who’s known as the sire of greats such as Negro, Mythilus, Pavarotti and Glock's Undercover.

Johnson / keur

Jazz / pref

Cocktail / pref

Charmante / keur pref

Roxane / elite pref sport dr D-OC

Flemmingh / pref

Catharin / keur pref

Showtime S / elite

Ferro / pref

Ulft / keur

Brenda / ster pref prest

Happening S / keur pref


Zarzuela / ster